See the Good in Everyone, Even Your Enemies


You know that feeling of jealousy that creeps in when someone has more follower than you AND in a shorter amount of time? Yes, I know what you mean…

How do you find the good in those you envy or despise?

What is it that you want that the other person has? Does this mean that you are a horrible person just becomes someone else gets quicker results?

Let’s do a question and answer round to figure it out together.


Do you have a magic wand that will magically turn you into someone else?

Your answer here_______

Can you change the other person ethically?

Your answer here_________

What do you want that will make you feel successful?

Your answer here___________

What CAN you do to make this happen for yourself?

Your answer here_____________


It is a desirable trait to use your inspiration to crave greatness. But, if you are constantly seeking unattainable and immediate results then no wonder you feel like giving up! Turning into barbie tomorrow or the next best selling author does not happen overnight. Keep dreaming and hoping but set realistic smaller goals for yourself that will take you to your destination.


Stare your thoughts around inadequacy in the mirror and tell them to shove it! You know your worth. Show it. Keep at it and your motivation will keep you going. Do not stop when you see others and compare! DO not compare. Instead be proud of their accomplishments and use them as inspiration. This will remind you to continue no matter what. You have what it takes. We all started from ground zero. Remember that. It’s those that continue that win.



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