What is the meaning of life? Part 1

Richard Simmons,

No, not that guy.

This guy. He writes about God and everything that that entails. He writes the reason for life, as that is a question we all ask at one point or another. For me, that is a question that I have asked since I was a child. Looking at beautiful things, walking through nature, and realizing that there is more to life. But, if there is more to life than where does it all come from? Okay, there is evolution but who created that? In the beginning, what was what? Richard E. Simmons III dives into that question.

hos, ethics. Once all of those combine, something almost cosmic happens. BALANCE! When you combine these you get a perfect world, a perfect and only God, our Lord God. Oprah was interviewed on The Meaning of Life, and by the end of her session, she came up with no answers. So, there is a balance, but how do we get there? That is the question of life is to have questions. To be curious is the passion of Jesus. He wants you to get into the Bible and really dive into what it all means. But, the point is, there isn’t a point yet. So many have been asked the meaning of life and can come up with no

answers. Simmons answer lies somewhere in purpose.

God gives you purpose because when you are lost he always will be there by your side. For others purpose may be their child, their family, the love of the heart. For others purpose may be a job where each day a new task arises. For others purpose may be starting their own business. For many unfortunately purpose has become survival and to get out of their situation. Well, God teaches that there is more to that. When you are in need, talk to him and he will return the favor.


2 thoughts on “What is the meaning of life? Part 1

  1. 💜 My Mother 👩 , a Once Devout Christian, now Says that SomeThing Created “God”, Goddess, The Divine to Create Together; personally I Agree and like My Mom 👩 Revelations Predicts Genesis and Vice Versa and Even Allah has a Nagging Wife



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