Candy Land

This is draft one, I am still playing with the title and phrases, but I think I have a good first draft and a powerful message. Tell me your thoughts below. Would it be better to make it all about Halloween trick or treat? Or more like candy land? Your advice is always helpful in [...]

Job Hunt

  Jobless, experienced, and intelligent Need head-strongĀ  Too much compassion not enough eloquence Too much love not enough tough   Status is the game You better start pretending You must mask your name Into something compelling   World of chaos Your word is disgraced You may be smart But can you play the game?   [...]


"How many likes is my life worth?"   "I live on the east side of America, where we choose pride over character...I live on the west side of America where they spread lies into fairydust...Don't believe the narcassism...Don't make a mistake I live in a prison...Welcome to the Narcassism". -The Chainsmokers   Computer portalĀ  Commerce [...]


What does connection mean to you? For all of you who are feeling lost, let this painting be a process as we learn about ourselves together through my drafts. On each draft, I will come to a new conclusion about the subject of connection and what it means to me and relation to the world. [...]

Night Walk

        Footseps behind me Fortelling pink sky Branches speak of winter Cracking as the raven flies   Nature is hiding In it's moss dress Watch over your shoulder Dark eyes florescent distress   Pockets warm with heat Breathe fogs the sky cold The gravel speaks a warning That night is fading fast [...]

The Wooden Man

  Drawing by Camille McGregor This drawing was inspired by the many men in the world who seem so rock and hard in this life, when they have so much compassion to show. Many times masculinity makes the man hold in his traumas and fears, and makes him appear almost like a piece of wood. [...]