Then we can really live

The only way to get past you demons is to approach them straight in the face. To look upon your life, and reflect, is this the life that you want for your future? Are you living each day to day, or are you hyper focusing on existence once again. You ask everyone, and never get [...]

Hi, My Name is Caeli, Ch1

Each year, I'd open the oven to check the turkey, hoping no one would find my curiosities and absolute hunger paining in my side. Combined with a pregnant belly, Thanksgiving that year was by far the best. Opening the oven, the heat and steam rises. They want me to pick up more wine. Blurring takes [...]

Baby boy

Tiny fingers Tiny toes Tiny belly button Tiny nose When the heavens opened up They created an angel So delicate That even the doves faun Bath time he loves in the heavens above his future is brighter than the full moon at night goodnight my angel boy, goodnight