Scars: Audio Poetry

Hi poets and creatives, I have been connecting with other creatives online this morning and met. This is their Audio Poetry: Scars. Check it out and encourage to get back into it! Said has not been doing it for awhile! Remind how good poetry is for the soul blogger peeps. This poem is a personal [...]

My Voice My Own

Note to writers: DO NOT USE UPWORK. I’ve been played enough times. I worked my butt off and had my partner who has a degree in English writing review my work after I had to convince someone to reimburse me as they called this my “bonus”. We all know what that means. I had to [...]

Writing Inspiration Video 84 Countries of Humanity

Writing inspiration for the last dregs of coffee, or if you've run out. Spending too much time staring at your computer? Been writing through so many energy drinks that your brain has just petered out? Maybe you are so exhausted that you feel like you have forgotten how to write. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, [...]

Bona Fide confessions of a crime

love, relationships, domestic abuse, awareness, support, trauma, women   My true love has stolen the apple of my eye captivator you've kidnapped my peruse on your watch   My apple leers a dusky red shadows of twilight inching into the innermost   collapsing particles of grit substandard maggots of pride   contorted lipstick black bruise [...]

Wicked Winds of the West

#poem #poetry #voice #writer #honest #letitout #compaints #people #society #wind #nature #humor Wicked winds, stop bustin my ass'   The winds take me under your spell you wicked nay-sayer teller of lies to the people   I wonder how you sleep at night knowing the world is dying one by one   while you rest [...] Do you know what Peace really is?

#poetry #nature #freedom #peace #understanding #power #change #new You are trying to tell me about peace When you don't know how to be free You live in that second But leave it on the doorstep Don't sweep aside your peace Unlock it into your home Warm it by your fireplace And share this novel with [...]