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What is the purpose of God?

God has a plan for everyone but he bestowed us freewill rather than mindlessness. As believers we are called to discover our puzzle piece and identify and connect with pieces around us. God is a place to grow, to come to meditate and become anew. We look for happiness in many places, food, adventures. But, [...]

B is for Bear

 John Bauer Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky. UNITED STATES - 2013/08/22: American black bear (Ursus americanus) looking for salmon at creek at Neets Bay fish hatchery, Behm Canal in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, USA. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images) BOOK LIST Breathe Like A Bear “Wow, spring has come! I’ve missed my [...]

A for Appropriate Behavior

Thomas Gainsborough  (1727–1788)    TitleThe Painter's Daughters chasing a ButterflyObject typepainting Genredouble portrait DateProbably circa 1756Kindness, MalangoBOOK LIST Behavior Apple-Take a bite out of kindness. Pass around apple and say one nice thing, then have an apple snack. Looking Eyes Listening EarsHelping HandsGentle HandsQuiet MouthsWalking FeetFree image/jpeg, Resolution: 1275x1650, File size: 228Kb, Preschool Classroom Rules N4ImageUpload an image [...]

Thanksgiving Science Experiments Preschool Turkey Science Experiment This simple science experiment for November uses a couple common kitchen supplies: baking sodavinegarfood coloringdish soapdish with lipwaterconstruction paper or craft foam – brown, orange, redgoogle eyes!6&btvi=2&xpc=Y1a5rhIN93&p=https%3A// November Science Experiment Mix together baking soda, several squirts of dish soap, and as much water as it takes to make [...]

The Moon

In the dead of night, a sound arises. Ringing through the halls, creeping down the stairs. A sound so fright that even the ghosts turn out the light. In the dead of night, a sound lingers. If trips on your finger tips waiting to be played. The keys begin to play until the prick of [...]