Pulse, accelerated, screaming chest Electric heartbeat, slashing through my chest what if's and erratic unpredictability breathe....inhale.exhale. Think of the forest. gasping for composure summer is 3 weeks away? what if I don't have a job? what if I don't qualify for unemployment...what if I don't have enough savings to cover my bills...what if...I fail? I [...]

See the Good in Everyone, Even Your Enemies

You know that feeling of jealousy that creeps in when someone has more follower than you AND in a shorter amount of time? Yes, I know what you mean... How do you find the good in those you envy or despise? What is it that you want that the other person has? Does this mean [...]

Be in love with your struggle

Dreading every day, wondering when will things change? Does this ring a bell? I've been there and still struggle every day. It is which struggles you decide to put up with. Seeing the benefit from every difficult moment helps you find what more about yourself. You are a museum of recollections You can do anything [...]