Every second Another chance Opportunity belongs In your heart A place of quiet Where peace smiles In the many masks Of challenges A mind of state Where the brain collides With an inner sense Or ownership Of belonging In this second To every chance To begin again Get up every time Knocked down Sing to [...]

Saying Hello to the World

the way she turned her head in the sunlight, it almost seemed as if the light would singe each strand upon her head. she was an angel, in human eyes, lighter then a feather. her feet would cast a ray of color upon every step, expelling pure energy into the earth. whenever she feared the [...]

Just mabye

Mabye were all where we are meant to be Mabye our struggles are ways to show us we are strong Mabye our faults are messages for change Mabye the darkest of times teach us what we need to do to survive and become whole again Mabye when we see the light we forget to thank [...]