About Me

Hi…I’m Caeli

Understanding people’s perspectives and truth has been a gift since I was born. Living in a disconnected city, I created a blog in order to Re-Connect, to find the diverse, intelligent and struggling hearts and artists over the world.

Profile pictureLet’s work to change each other’s perspectives. That’s what life is all about. Questioning.

Life is a dresser of possibilities and you might decide to not even look in the dresser. Life is unexpected. That is what makes it special. That is what I see as the universe.

As you can tell, I never really fit into the crowd because my head was stuck in the clouds. To channel my curiosity, I began the great experiment that is poetry. I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Elementary Education, Music and Writing. This was the place that accepted the outcasts and welcomed diversity with open arms. I fit in well there. I continued writing and expanding my awareness. One of my poems is published in the book called “Americas Emerging Poets, 2018, Pacific Region”. I became an educator because I see the innocent spark in a child’s eyes and heart. That is the same feeling of honesty and genuinity that I get from writing. Expression is what makes me whole and connecting to others with that creative and energetic flame, like that of a child, is what makes me thrive.

In order to contemplate these big picture ideas I paint, write poetry and do everything creative in between. I want to understand humanity. Life has an unlimited amount of outcomes.

Some say that will drive you crazy. Trying to understand other’s crazy will make you crazy. But, I say that getting to know who people really are leads you even deeper into the image of yourself. You could say that I am on a self-journey to understanding what the meaning for myself really is. One of the many beautiful images of my art comes from spending days up in mountains, and on peaks, swimming in lakes, and spending time just basking in the sun. With solitude, I find is the best way for me to come back even more re-charged in order to better connect with others. 

Art is part of who we are.