Welcome To The Rain.


  Welcome to the rain… 

 Seattle is one of the many homes of art and creativity in order to make sense of the chaos of city life.

Art, Poetry and Creativity has been my salvage for as long as I can remember. It makes me feel alive and thriving, creativity pumping through my veins. To have something as a passion as a person goal of hopes and dreams is what keeps my gears turning in the lighthouse that is the disorganized mind.

Dealing with many forms of mental illness, and surrounded by multi-cultural, social justice struggling, visable and non-visable disabilities, and struggling families without feeling the value they have worked so hard to make, 

I see that

personality does not define intellegence. 

Art has no perception of social seperation,

It is of intense expression

All and any art takes us away

As we are a muse to the paint in it’s own way

@ Camile McGregor

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”-Thomas Merton


 Art is an outlet for greater things, healing, understanding of the self, and an ability to connect with others. Art has been my


             and outlet into creativity. 


Art About the Real World?

                     You’ve come to the right place…Talk to you soon.


Photography from Pinterest