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Poetry is a space of exploration.

There are many forms of intelligence, poetry is sharing of our soul, emotions and experiences. Art has no perception of social separation. We have discriminated against words and the right to education and truth so we began teaching ourselves.


Poetry is a film through the mind of the expression and the reader can feel the intensity when the words are genuine. All and any art takes us away into a place of peace and thought. We are a muse to the art in it’s own way.

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In addition, I have an obsession with my cats.

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I have my BA in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College. I have been writing since I was 16 and recently had my work published in Americas Emerging Poets, which you can view on Amazon.

That immediate spark and curiosity for life is a trait that is inherit in us all from birth. Somewhere along the road we get distracted by life and forget about our child-like mind.


That is who I am as a poet, someone who knows words have power. Keep reading and you will dive into your meditation mind once again. What will you see?


“You are not broken…You experienced the hurt of your past but it does not make up your whole”-Read more here


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