You Don’t Have to Be Happy All the Time

Forecast today, probability of mental collapse 50%, there are options. In the American culture, the concept of happiness is blended through false notions that humans have the ability to attain continuous amounts of perfection. Unless you have dug up the time capusle-archeological-machinery of the future’s human into robot manual, than I can see why you might sense the wearing fatigue of impossible expectations.



Why do you keep pushing yourself to the extreme and blame yourself for not trying when you fall down? American society is also influential in testing the employment capitalism on people’s day-to-day routine which runs over into the hysteria of crouched courage, soaring and burdening determination and ultimately, a futile vitality of the spirit. Pressure that digs at our energy of worth can hastily hoodwink us to admit that our self-worth is a gospel that’s never been written.


Preach the religion of self care

Journey of tea fumes

You never know where

A soul for honestly blooms

Relaxing is more than Homer’s beer can in a backyard hammock. It is the art of knowing your boundaries and how to use them. Discovering what makes you feel alive is where the magic happens. Taking care of you may seem like a lot of work, in the beginning. This is only because the value of a bath or reading a book is mostly shoved into the box in the attic with childhood lollipops and grandfathers false teeth. Dusting the lost and forgotten box of essential values of livelihood may make you CEO, but your poloroid photos of your family will burn and your heart will be stained with unattended and repressed emotional growth.


It is like an episode of Ninja Warrior where you never get have enough strength to actually finish the challenge. That’s because there’s more muscle to build, emotional stamina and resist-ability. If you want to have muscle like these warriors than the only way to finish the game is to just keep going and to take care of that you must take care of yourself. If you want to be that CEO but with a yoga room, then you have to start unraveling fragments of your life and taking your time to refresh the system. There is too much hate in the world to really be able to be happy every second of your entire 100 years on this planet. It’s nearly impossible.


That is not to say you should not be trying to get better every day. But, you don’t necessarily have to push so hard depending on who you are, your background and what you really want out of life. If you want to keep being a Homer that lays under the sun, drunk with a beer gut, then keep ignoring yourself. But, if you want to live your life like you have become someone else, then take time for you. Some people do need a little extra push every now and then, but that does not define who they are or that they are lazy. This would be my quality. I want to get a lot of things done but I enjoy taking me time actually too much. Or is that me self-sabotaging my own happiness by saying I don’t get to take care of myself?


Many people live their lives without a rose in their heart and without any form of love for a human being. Those people have been hurt, abused and broken down in ways completely unimaginable that you would be shocked and confused at the fact that they are acting “out of the usual”. The only person you really need to know is yourself. Other people may pass you by or change their course of life into directions that they questioned if they were accurate. Really, if you lived your life never really knowing another person on a deep level, the only person that you would know would be you. So, in this world where you are on your own, how do you make it? You must be able to survive on your own, and to do that in this competitive world takes mental strength. My doctor ordered me a huge dose of medicine that I wasn’t so sure about at first. But, once I researched it a little more, I realized that self-care and meditation is very good for your entire health.


If your a writer like me, then you probably at least know how to read. And since you are reading this article, you are most likely a blogger or a researcher who has too much time on their hands, and loves burritos and can’t get away from writing. But, if your like me, then you probably also keep going after your battery is almost dying and you race to the outlet to put just one more percent of energy and hope that lasts you the whole time you really need it. You’ve got to slab yourself a good amount of self-love and lather it all over until it sticks like peanut butter. You get what you put out in the world, but if you put too much for others than you won’t have any left for yourself. It is not bad to do your own thing sometimes, and not have anyone else be a part of that experience. But, can you talk straight into your own life and analyze every deal and be o.k. with it? If not, then you have some work to do.


It is up to you to actually dedicate yourself to being you. Once you do so, every day won’t seem so hard any more. Then, you can just be you and hope that everything turns out alright. That is pretty hard to do and I don’t think anyone really has it down to a T. But, don’t put the pressure on yourself to over do it on taking care of yourself. You must find boundaries and ways to make everything you do come from a place of understanding and confidence. This is when you are peaceful. You know that you have done so well in the past that there is still a chance to do more. You have to have done one thing right in your life. That is what you must decided to commit to yourself. Remember, you don’t have to be happy all the time. Your emotions and feelings are valid and if there are people that don’t see or understand that, then they are the one with the problem. So stand up for yourself by letting yourself actually cry and be vulnerable for awhile. That is where you find your understanding, confidence and inner peace.


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