What is the purpose of God?

God has a plan for everyone but he bestowed us freewill rather than mindlessness. As believers we are called to discover our puzzle piece and identify and connect with pieces around us.

God is a place to grow, to come to meditate and become anew. We look for happiness in many places, food, adventures. But, God is always there waiting for your call. God was the one that created happiness, as He created all things. “Over the centuries men tried to invent some sort of happiness for themselves outside of God […] God designed humans to run on Himself”. When seeking our life satisfactions, we usually turn to earthly things.

When working on our well-being we are looking for euphoria. “[We can] have the greatest sex, but we will wake up the next morning and find we are thirsty again”. There is more to life than desires; there is spirit. What is the purpose of God? To bring us happiness. When you have days that seem difficult, or overwhelming, God brings you overflowing amounts of joy like a water falling of spirit.

Earthly things seem so enticing because our human bodies cannot truly fathom the amounts of love that God brings all of us when we come to him. We realize that things like smoking cigarettes, drinking too much and eating too much no longer bring their spark. Instead, the spirit comes to us when we need Him the most and is always dancing this waltz of life even when our eyes are closed.

One thought on “What is the purpose of God?

  1. 💜 This is AWESOME!!! EveryOne; yet it Denies The Existence of Goddess who does ALL The Hard Work while “God” Simply Plants 🪴 Seeds and Plays Around until called upon to Assist Goddess…here, on Earth 🌎 , it’s called Marriage 💑 ; It’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Divinity is Both Feminine and Masculine



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