Frustration. Not amused. Resentful. Agitated. These are emotions that we need to talk about. Once I started writing articles, I would get a flow of follow and un-following. Once I wrote poetry, I just continued to grow because everything can be interpreted based on the individual. But, what is more important, pleasing your readers, or being real and getting the followers that actually want to create a community together?

When people un-follow you, it’s like a blow to the chest. It’s like them saying that you are not important enough for my time. Maybe that is not why people do it, but that is how it feels and I am just throwing that out there for all of you. Is this writer community one of genuine nature or one that is simply searching for likes and follows?

Do people actually appreciate each other’s work or simply just search for fame?

Do people just want to ignore the greater and deeper emotions and ethical questions about life? Why does questioning and challenge scare off people?

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  1. Writing can take many forms–so the answer(s) will vary greatly.

    If long form is what you’re reader wants to read, then it’s long form. If poetry is what the reader wants, then poetry it is.

    I find poetry simple yet complex that we can all relate to. Maybe it’s just preference. I feel comfortable with it, so I stick with it.

    Hopefully, I didn’t ramble too much ☺

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  2. I understand what you mean in your post, Caeli. When I started my blog, I wanted to genuinely connect with people. I’ve learned long ago that quality outweighs quantity, yet sometimes it doesn’t feel that way some days. You look around and see that some people only want you to hit the like buttons and give insincere comments. It’s not really about connecting, starting conversations and getting to know the readers for some. But I have met some really awesome people during this journey on here who do care about all the good things that you speak of in your post. It may be hard sometimes finding those people, but when you do it’s a blessing.

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  3. I, too, am a seeker of truth and beauty, so I was drawn to your site. The questions you pose about followers and those who unfollow you made me wonder, how do you know when someone “unfollows” you? I have been blogging since 2012 and I do not remember ever receiving a notice saying someone was no longer following my blog. I am sure there are drop-outs, but is WordPress letting you know about them, or are you just assuming because they no longer leave messages or click “like”? I have many readers who never click like or leave a message. How do I know? Because some of them are people I know and see and talk to… and they make mention of something I have posted. I hope you find people who genuinely appreciate your thoughts and tell you so. You asked, “… what is more important, pleasing your readers, or being real …?” You know the answer. That was a rhetorical question. Of course, you need always to be real, true to yourself. You asked, “Is this writer community one of genuine nature or …?” In my experience, there is a genuine community out there. It may be smaller than the thousands that bloggers like Cristian Mihai garner with his “Art of Blogging,” but that doesn’t bother me. Our niche as poets or artists or “hope-bringers” is smaller than some other niches. But don’t let the numbers guide or discourage you. Take time to really care – really dialogue – and really appreciate each comment. Soon you will have a group of friends who are real and genuine and can be counted on. They will read what you write – and you will know they “see you.” That’s what makes it worth the time!

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    1. What a lovely and well-thought out response! I guess you are right! Since I am new to the blogging world, I am still poking my head around to see what it is like. But, I am glad you encouraged me to find my select group that will keep encouraging me along the way! Yes, well it is just when you check on your stats that is when you realize that one person may have unfollowed you but you can’t find out who it is unless you only have 5 followers haha

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  4. Thanks for following my blog and leading me to your blog.

    I would like to mention that your avatar points to a different website than this one. It points to which is unavailable. The link to your real website is only mentioned in the email I got when you followed my blog. I don’t know whether you are aware of that and thought I’d let you know so that you can fix that if you want to.

    Best wishes for your journey.

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      1. I would try the following:
        When you are logged on to WordPress, on the tab ‘My Site’, on the left hand side, click on WP Admin (on the bottom). This will open the Dashboard).

        On the left hand side of the dashboard, click on “Users’ > ‘My Profile’. This will open your user profile.

        In your user profile, you go on ‘My Profile’ (at the top of the list) . This shows you a page where you can make sure that you have the correct page linked to your gravatar.

        On your user profile, you then click on the item ‘Account Settings’. There you have the fields ‘Primary site’ and ‘web address’. Make sure that they contain the pages you want to link to.

        Once you have made these changes, your gravatar image should point to the correct website.

        But a word of caution. When I googled this topic, I came upon a discussion where it was mentioned that the changes might not be retroactive. So, if that is true, then your old comments and follows would still keep pointing to your old website.


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