Writing Jobs? Help!


For the last hour I decided to look into other writing jobs. I can see a life where I become this phenomenal writer, it just takes work to get there. Job descriptions say things like must write 2 or more 200 word articles every 3 hours. I mean, I could get there. But, when I finished those 2 children’s books of 1500 words each, by Friday, I felt like someone took my light bulb and switched it straight off. I guess there is a difference in writing for yourself and just hoping that everyone will like it….Versus writing for a magazine or website and over-editing and anxiety-deleting and re-writing. So, for now, I will just come on WordPress and see if any of those job submissions come back with any news. I mean, I definitely can write, and I can express myself until my last breathe with no problem. But, when researching and writing from a topic that I do not have a deep knowledge about…That is the kind of research writing that has my brain spinning in all gears. Migraine heavy.  In addition, I am a writer and more predominantly a poet. So, that shows how dramatic and loud I can be, even when I am writing in silence in my own home.

So, my questions are: Are you a writer?

What holds you back from applying to a writers job?

Could I make it in a writing career with just a Bachelors in Liberal Arts?

I have a long history of writing and other valuable accomplishments that I could ramble on about. But, many people say that what really matters is how long you have been working in the field.

So if you are a writer and make even a part-time income from this…What is your perspective?

Do you have any starter websites?

Are there places where you can write about whatever you want and get paid for how many words you type?

If I could get paid to just write as much as possible…I could write half a book every day.

So where do I start…?


4 thoughts on “Writing Jobs? Help!

  1. These are all good questions. I would like to know the answers too. But here is my question to you it’s a personal question.
    When did you find your passion for writing and how did you harness your passion and improve your writing skills?
    See I write a few things but I feel like there is no sense of direction.

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    1. I found my passion for writing when I was a little kid, and started writing to deal with life. I just kept writing as much as possible and not judging my work, but just letting it flow. Kind of like how you read, it’s hard and confusing and seems like a different language, and it’s a slow process, but the more you do it the more you feel proud of your success and can actually see the growth in your hard copies. Then, I started watching youtube speeches and poetry competitions and was inspired by that. Then in college i took a poetry class which kind of pieced everything i knew together to make it much better. I would say poetry is a large part self discovery and the other part editing and re-creating. I also use alot of rhyme dictionary and thesaurus because I’m not an automatic genius lol. Usually I just start writing just without any ideas in my head and try and piece my words together. Like when you paint, you just start painting and as you keep going when you see mistakes, you go ahead and add more color in order to hide it (make it better) and no one knows your process and just thinks you appeared there magically! It is also really nice to choose a space in your home that has limited distractions and sit in the same spot every time when you write. It gets your brain in the zone like okay it is writing time. I’ve got tons of other tips and tricks if you want ask away!

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      1. Wow, I never thought of getting a rhyme dictionary. I can start surrounding myself with poetry work to try and harness my writing and my content.
        You talk about self discovery, do you think having a role model helps with the process of self discovery?

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      2. I think that is fabulous inspiration! Yes, I also would like to enhance my poetry so all people can relate to it! I do think having a role model helps with self discovery in a way. I would watch videos of poets on youtube and start to figure out which poets personalities and styles that I like the best. Then once I realize oh wow, I really like that, I go ahead and do some research on that. For example, if I am looking to write a dramatic poem, what is my voice? Well, I figured out that my true voice is a very powerful and loud voice when I am at my best but rarely get there. So, I just find photos that I like and if I really can’t think of anything to write for that day, I use photos from nature or quotes as my inspiration to write from and then I think okay how would I describe this and what is my point of the poem? Sometimes my point is just to let me emotions out and kind of have a journal-type thing and sometimes I just free write and write a short paragraph of something random lol.


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