WordPress Compulsion

writing bunny

WordPress has stolen my boyfriend. His hair has turned into automatic dreadlocks. He eats dinner on his lap.

His eyes have glared over into oblivion. The follower obsession fuels his coffee grains, drinking gulps from a giant beer cup. Straw at the ready for productivity.

He’s lost all his socks. He has forgotten what sunshine looks like. If the lights are too bright, he puts on sunglasses. Who knows if he is still writing…or taking a nap?

We have an overload of energy drinks. The hysteria that blogging has created pumps his passion and trepidation for success. The hours tick by, leaving him in a cement mold of his typing hands.

I am proud to see him embracing his intellectual pursuits. But, we even got a light therapy lamp so now he can work throughout the whole day and night. His endeavors pay off immediately-results.

His brain muscles of creativity show in the overjoyed and cherished gleam in his laboring eyes. Now is the perfect time to reach into your infatuations while you have the time. But, remember to set a timer for writing mania. And maybe a second alarm to go outside.

Oh, his snoring has stopped. Now is the perfect time for a walk! Oh…I’m on my blog. He gets back on his blog. Wait, what day is it?

I think i see a chip trail…that must be Brandon. Oh wait, I think the 5 hour energy wore off, now I must drag him into bed, computer crippled at his chest.

This is how fame is created. One small chip at a time.


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