Easter Live Facebook Parties 2020


So, this Easter, you’re probably dying to go out and drink your sorrows away. On this picnicking day where the sun should shine, and you drink too much at the end of the night. Someone has to drag this girl in the photo home, on a normal night at Jacks Front Room Rave. But, today, she will just have to drink her vodka in her bed, which might even be better for her anyways. But, if you do want something to do, this Easter, they are holding a Live Facebook party? So you can sit at home and cry, watching the one single girl dance in her house? She better not be having a real party or else this is what will keep us inside longer.



Or if you love zumba and exercise dancing, then you can shake your booty to Zumba Lovers Fambam. It will be an invigorating video session bringing your spirits up to keep dancing through this time. On a normal day, they would be in the workout studio, with their best moves present. For now, their garage or backyard will have to do.





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Last, if you are a fan of little children, or have some of your own, then this childcare is hosting a facebook party. I thought about writing a joke for these pictures, but they were too cute. They are telling the story for us. And they took such a cute picture of this baby, that it melts your heart. But, you can tell that some of these pictures were difficult to take, because children never stay in one place. But, I think they had fun in the process. Join in from your home and get re-connected again. And, if you don’t, then shame on you, you must hate children.

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