Thank You

To all my readers of passionate art, love and connection to life through art and poetry, I thank you. This is why I write, to connect to the same hearts as me and feel inspired every day, by YOU!


“You got a new reader, phenomenal poetry by the way. Stay awesome and never stop writing”

“So deep and with so many raw emotions, phenomenal”

Brenda Davis Harsham

“the art on your site is stellar!”


Vivian Zems

2 hoursSmell The Coffee

“My goodness! What beautiful paintings on your site.!😮👏👏👏👏 You’re truly gifted. I’m buying one for sure”



a dayhands in the garden

“timeless art”



10 hoursIvor.Plumber/Poet

A delving poem full of mindful thoughts, and impressed with your insightful lines, “You can’t change your head

unless you talk to your heart”