Sunflowers take water to grow

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Vulnerablility is Strength

Why does it take a tear to realize where that tear came from? At least you’ve got your eyes open Cracks in all Open it to the world and say I’m here bitches Just come back from the vortex soon Or you just might go mad

Face Your Fears! You Can Do It!

What do you fear the most? Being rejected? Failing? Being punished for wrongdoings? Being chased by zombies? Well don’t worry that’s mostly all in the movies. Channeling your fears is like riding the back of a crocodile. You can do it, it’s just wobbly and dangerous. Once you look at that fear you realize it [...]


bones crackbrittle morning’s coldseized spine and backcaged body of old time a vagrant bridetale foretoldI search for life inside pain drenched handcuffsnerve-pinching energydraining the soul which once trustsgrey clouds lethargy each backbonevexing and viscous misguideI search for life inside lifeless bodysocieties speeds erasI lay frozen and gaudytime ages and fear is lightning boltsrising figureseeking eyes haltland of coal disfigured skeleton exposeddeer [...]