Please Help!

New Family Seeking Assistance! Go Fund Us We are a young couple, my fiancee, Brandon, is partially paralyzed on his entire left side from a brain injury when he was 13. He was on his way to Hollywood to become a famous actor and a pro at the Saxophone. Then, his brain injury taught him [...]

Am I Broken?

I can be physically attracted to you but literally have no physical reactions. I can be emotionally connected to you and also just want to sit next to you and draw you a picture. So, am I broken? #relationship #couple #marriage #longterm #sex #sexuality #sexual #confused #wondering #questioning #research #researching In each relationship I've had [...]

Fields Of Gold

Hi All, Just recorded Fields of Gold for the first time in a long while. Actually warmed up before I started singing and realized I just have to relax to sound good. If I'm nervous, that is when I get off pitch or can't hit the right notes. Give me your comments please only nice [...]


Pregnant Thesaurus=#sick #nauseous Being pregnant is a day in life of telling harry potter to calm down the magic inside the belly so mom can not puke on your beautiful china. #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantaf Being pregnant feels like a spiritual journey into unknown territory. I have been hiding under my covers and sleeping away the [...]