Socialist Governments

Isreal:  There was no private property, people ate in common, and children under 18 lived together and not with their parents. Any money earned on the outside was given to the kibbutz, exploited labor and robbery, unemployment, war was the only thing that gave short-term money. “set your people free” and liberalize the economy is [...]


After many unpleasent discussions from my extreme left-wing family, who does not get their facts straight...I mentioned that socialism, which is commonly paired or connected with extreme liberalism exists in my family. Which I mentioned is a dangerous path. One of my sisters said, "oh really now, i'd like to know WHAT SOCIALISM is". Then [...]

Step Into The Light COVID2020

Covid2020 has been on our minds and News Channels 24/7. Take a break before you really do turn into the 2020 zombie. Also, I don't follow one train of thought while writing, but I'm not submitting for a Nobel Peace Prize, Am I? XD If so, let me know #covid19 #covid2020 #rambling #ramble #writers #writingcommunity [...]