Need Encouragement

‪ Hey guys having a bad day…words of encouragement are needed…Me and a friend went at a horrible argument that left me feeling empty Cold Fearing alleyways Politics feeds anger Buttons pop Doors slam You wonder where time went And if you will see it again Why does the light dim When the window is [...]

Scars: Audio Poetry

Hi poets and creatives, I have been connecting with other creatives online this morning and met. This is their Audio Poetry: Scars. Check it out and encourage to get back into it! Said has not been doing it for awhile! Remind how good poetry is for the soul blogger peeps. This poem is a personal [...]

Poetry Forms

Yes, let's gain energy from the stars and write poetry...poetry is energy. Blank verse. Blank verse is poetry written with a precise meter—almost always iambic pentameter—that does not rhyme. Learn more about blank verse here. Rhymed poetry. In contrast to blank verse, rhymed poems rhyme by definition, although their scheme varies. Learn more about rhymed [...] Do you know what Peace really is?

#poetry #nature #freedom #peace #understanding #power #change #new You are trying to tell me about peace When you don't know how to be free You live in that second But leave it on the doorstep Don't sweep aside your peace Unlock it into your home Warm it by your fireplace And share this novel with [...]

Poem Prompts

Poems of Nature Sounds crickets chirp birds sing mother listens-by Brandon Muller the light rain patter patters up-Caeli McKamey frogs write a lullaby for you-Caeli MCKamey ocean depths echo stillness of deep-by Brandon Muller Planets Orbiting dimensions milky way life questioners-Caeli McKamey unknown expanding universe birth of planets-by Brandon Muller Evolution-al souls skating [...]