‪Leave the what if’s behind‬‪We’re laying in our beds‬‪Like we always wanted‬‪We’re not rich‬‪But at least we’re not dead‬‪Be thankful for one lamp‬‪It shines the light on your anxiety‬‪Reminding you ‬‪You have time ‬‪#poem #poetry ‬

The Antidote To Depression

Thank you my valued readers for continuing on this wellness journey with me. Today, I practiced working on my to-do list and re engaging myself in routine after days away from it. From this I encourage you to keep with your routine! The importance of doing it daily is not only to keep the habit [...]

Monday Morning Gratitude Prompt

Every day I write 3 things that I am grateful for in my life after a few minutes of meditation. While drinking my coffee I can wake up and find purpose for my day. I will possibly start doing these writing prompts on my website in order to give inspiration to you and keep my [...]