don’t distance yourself from connection poetry video

no more resentment, irritability, or a storm of burns faster than your cigarette only exacerbation for what was, a collapse of weariness, my bones can't even maneuver, let alone race unless your answer is another indignant outrage I can't handle this perpetual swing of emotional gears which you puppeteer like a duet your self-gratification swings [...]

Sunflowers take water to grow

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#MondayMood...I don't want to Monday anymore.   Monday writers block Monday creativity stop   I can write about procrastination But, I'm searching for the sky I'm making this creation Because I cannot deny   Monday coffee beans Monday allergies   Monday cat paws Monday long yawns   Monday gray brain Monday energy drain   Monday [...]

My Homemade Quarantine Recipe to Sane Mental Health

For the past 2 weeks I've sleeping in and binging on Netflix. I realized that it might be time to write about mental health. Most of us are used to our early morning-work routines, fresh air and in-person interactions with other humans. But, during a quarantine we have to find a way to preserve our [...]