Sunflowers take water to grow

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Vulnerablility is Strength

Why does it take a tear to realize where that tear came from? At least you’ve got your eyes open Cracks in all Open it to the world and say I’m here bitches Just come back from the vortex soon Or you just might go mad

Who Will You Be Today?

You choose who you become. It is a burst of explosion. Stay grounded. You can make it through anything with a little splash of inspiration. Find what soothes your soul and make that your life explosion. Creativity comes in waves so catch it and let the wind blow it towards your heart. Let the drips [...]

Cake at the Ocean

I'd love to have cake at the ocean with you. A place where we could be ourselves. Let the waves take us under. The sunset will hold our stories of never-ending sandy feet. A hammock and a drink just for us two. No one else on the planet. But me, you and the beach at [...]