CaelisWords Where Dogs Wear Glasses

This Is A Must-Read Article For A Good Laugh! A Few Headlines That Would Get Me Kicked Out Of Any Magazine...Read With Caution. XD. #writing #humor #bored #blogger #curious #creative #nofilter #shitpost #comedian #jokes #headlines #funny #haha #hilarious #memes Headline 1: CaelisWords Where Dogs Wear Glasses Feel The Judgement & Shame Pic Cred:Dogs Wearing Glasses [...]

Sunflowers take water to grow

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Vulnerablility is Strength

Why does it take a tear to realize where that tear came from? At least you’ve got your eyes open Cracks in all Open it to the world and say I’m here bitches Just come back from the vortex soon Or you just might go mad

Late Night Questions

Late night questions that you can ask the person you are quarantined with. Are you staying safe and healthy? Where do you imagine yourself right now? How would you describe yourself in 3 words? What are your best talents? What kind of drink would you make us? Which planet do you want to travel to? [...]

Chrochet While we are staying inside I have been recording videos for my Montessori school. I am a teacher there and want to keep myself from going crazy and know that lifting each other's spirits is very important right now. In this fun, sped-up video, discover if Crochet is for you. Learn about the beautiful [...]

My Homemade Quarantine Recipe to Sane Mental Health

For the past 2 weeks I've sleeping in and binging on Netflix. I realized that it might be time to write about mental health. Most of us are used to our early morning-work routines, fresh air and in-person interactions with other humans. But, during a quarantine we have to find a way to preserve our [...]