It takes 8 minutes and 45 Seconds to End It All

Re-humanize society. Racism kills. Follow to support the allies. Humanity is not a month it is a lifetime. Wake up. #blacklivesstillmatter #humanity #endracism #seecolor #seepeace #peacefulprotests #peace It takes 8 minutes and 45 Seconds to End It All Caeli McKamey George Floyd He grew up in a predominantly black Houston neighborhood where he met his [...]

Where is Martin Luther King?

5 Vengeance on steroids5 Riot repayment 5 Black life still matters5 Terrorism cease 5The bar is too low6 Uprising tragedy 5an eye for an eye 6worldwide pandemic death8Annihilation terminate   4Police kneeling 4change speaking truth 3voices raise 7awaken sleeping giants   2persist 6commitment is our change  4Candle light tears 8stories, authobiography 5Bother the power5Until it crumbles  [...]