Even Though The World is Shit, I Completely and Fully Accept Myself

The only love I wish to have is the one of myself. Loving yourself is a discovery that can lead you to new knowledge that you never considered before. You may think that you do everything to really think about you, but are you always doing those things for yourself or to please others?   [...]


Pulse, accelerated, screaming chest Electric heartbeat, slashing through my chest what if's and erratic unpredictability breathe....inhale.exhale. Think of the forest. gasping for composure summer is 3 weeks away? what if I don't have a job? what if I don't qualify for unemployment...what if I don't have enough savings to cover my bills...what if...I fail? I [...]

Face Your Fears! You Can Do It!

What do you fear the most? Being rejected? Failing? Being punished for wrongdoings? Being chased by zombies? Well don’t worry that’s mostly all in the movies. Channeling your fears is like riding the back of a crocodile. You can do it, it’s just wobbly and dangerous. Once you look at that fear you realize it [...]