Let The Show Begin

The pathway leads us To a far away land Where flocks find lust In between the sand A cacophony of bells Welcomes the new Virbations of spells Locks in the cue Curtain call, 9 O' Clock Whispers of rumors Just one single knock Even more consumers Town center stage left There's more work to be [...]

Baby boy

Tiny fingers Tiny toes Tiny belly button Tiny nose When the heavens opened up They created an angel So delicate That even the doves faun Bath time he loves in the heavens above his future is brighter than the full moon at night goodnight my angel boy, goodnight

How are you today? Do you really want to know?

People In Washington State are known for the Seattle Freeze. With COVID, I'm not sure these groundhogs will come out of their shell, even 20 years from now. When asked, how are you, we never say the truth. When did it become shame to respond to how are you, and where did this come from? #washingtonstate #pnwlife #feelings #feeling [...]

New Childcare Website!

Hey all, So i'm an early childhood educator with the case of horrible pregnancy staying at home...I thought about being a Nanny again, but might wait until I don't feel like a ship under water... So, I made a website about childcare and my own tips and tricks for children! https://seattleintherain.wixsite.com/mysite/blog I am writing an [...]