Pregnancy Rant

So I'm pregnant. In movies, they show pregnant women like angels in fields of clouds. But, that's not it at all. It's more like scenes from Lord of the Rings where gollum comes out and says i'm the father and you're birthing an alien! Have you ever seen the real life images not the ultrasound [...]

Trader Joes Recipes

Have you guys heard how some college student wanted to take away the word's that describe a foods origin, like "Italian", because they thought it was racist? It is a store that values food from different cultures, so when you think about it, how would we describe it otherwise? Sweet and spicy food for all? [...]

Am I Broken?

I can be physically attracted to you but literally have no physical reactions. I can be emotionally connected to you and also just want to sit next to you and draw you a picture. So, am I broken? #relationship #couple #marriage #longterm #sex #sexuality #sexual #confused #wondering #questioning #research #researching In each relationship I've had [...]

Fields Of Gold

Hi All, Just recorded Fields of Gold for the first time in a long while. Actually warmed up before I started singing and realized I just have to relax to sound good. If I'm nervous, that is when I get off pitch or can't hit the right notes. Give me your comments please only nice [...]

Step Into The Light COVID2020

Covid2020 has been on our minds and News Channels 24/7. Take a break before you really do turn into the 2020 zombie. Also, I don't follow one train of thought while writing, but I'm not submitting for a Nobel Peace Prize, Am I? XD If so, let me know #covid19 #covid2020 #rambling #ramble #writers #writingcommunity [...]

It takes 8 minutes and 45 Seconds to End It All

Re-humanize society. Racism kills. Follow to support the allies. Humanity is not a month it is a lifetime. Wake up. #blacklivesstillmatter #humanity #endracism #seecolor #seepeace #peacefulprotests #peace It takes 8 minutes and 45 Seconds to End It All Caeli McKamey George Floyd He grew up in a predominantly black Houston neighborhood where he met his [...]

Poetry Book

I’m finally starting to organize my poetry book Has taken me 3 days to copy and paste everything to a word doc from WordPress and I’m still not done! Tomorrow is another day. Today was pretty awful friends so please sleep on passion for this poet. Normally sadness fuels me but when I have a [...]

Know & Write Your Worth

I am empowered by standing up for myself and others who do not respect freelancers. A message that I just sent to a "President" of an advertising company. Hi, after much confusion on what kind of organization you are running, I had a 40 year University English Professor review my writing. Just wanted to give [...]