Poetry Book

I’m finally starting to organize my poetry book Has taken me 3 days to copy and paste everything to a word doc from WordPress and I’m still not done! Tomorrow is another day. Today was pretty awful friends so please sleep on passion for this poet. Normally sadness fuels me but when I have a [...]

Know & Write Your Worth

I am empowered by standing up for myself and others who do not respect freelancers. A message that I just sent to a "President" of an advertising company. Hi, after much confusion on what kind of organization you are running, I had a 40 year University English Professor review my writing. Just wanted to give [...]

LinkedIn Group

Hey all, a linkedin friend encouraged me to start a page on there. So here it is. You can promote your articles poems pictures paintings and blog pieces on here and connect with other writers. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13884006/

Professional Blogging: Benefits of Basement Waterproofing and How It is Done

 Photo, Isaac Jargain on Upslash Author, Caeli McKamey...ME XD. This is my first article which will be Professionally edited in the next week. Once that happens, I will send you all the finished link! Not necessarily the most fancy or interesting article like I normally like and not anything like my poetry. But, this is more [...]