CaelisWords Where Dogs Wear Glasses

This Is A Must-Read Article For A Good Laugh! A Few Headlines That Would Get Me Kicked Out Of Any Magazine...Read With Caution. XD. #writing #humor #bored #blogger #curious #creative #nofilter #shitpost #comedian #jokes #headlines #funny #haha #hilarious #memes Headline 1: CaelisWords Where Dogs Wear Glasses Feel The Judgement & Shame Pic Cred:Dogs Wearing Glasses [...]

Step Into The Light COVID2020

Covid2020 has been on our minds and News Channels 24/7. Take a break before you really do turn into the 2020 zombie. Also, I don't follow one train of thought while writing, but I'm not submitting for a Nobel Peace Prize, Am I? XD If so, let me know #covid19 #covid2020 #rambling #ramble #writers #writingcommunity [...]

LinkedIn Group

Hey all, a linkedin friend encouraged me to start a page on there. So here it is. You can promote your articles poems pictures paintings and blog pieces on here and connect with other writers.

Monday Morning Gratitude Prompt

Every day I write 3 things that I am grateful for in my life after a few minutes of meditation. While drinking my coffee I can wake up and find purpose for my day. I will possibly start doing these writing prompts on my website in order to give inspiration to you and keep my [...]

Late Night Questions

Late night questions that you can ask the person you are quarantined with. Are you staying safe and healthy? Where do you imagine yourself right now? How would you describe yourself in 3 words? What are your best talents? What kind of drink would you make us? Which planet do you want to travel to? [...]