B&C Collab 1: Describing You By Name Letter

We are describing each other in character using these letters about the other person. But, the hard part is we have to be honest in our description of the other person which complicates things. Brandon, B Caeli, C Brandon is Bodacious Caeli is Cunning Brandon is Bony Caeli is Brandon is bodacious Brandon is Bony [...]

LinkedIn Group

Hey all, a linkedin friend encouraged me to start a page on there. So here it is. You can promote your articles poems pictures paintings and blog pieces on here and connect with other writers. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13884006/

Advantage Point: World On My Shoulders

My friend just started his blog, Advantage Point, Bringing big picture focus to everyday issues He just wrote his first article World On My Shoulders. Click Here= World On My Shoulders It is hard to write about your own experience, I know it is hard for me. So, please send him some good vibes on [...]

Monday Morning Gratitude Prompt

Every day I write 3 things that I am grateful for in my life after a few minutes of meditation. While drinking my coffee I can wake up and find purpose for my day. I will possibly start doing these writing prompts on my website in order to give inspiration to you and keep my [...]

Brandon’s Wisdom

Welcome Brandon! Your Blogging Tour Guide for May 20th, 2020 Caeli McKamey Wed, May 20, 2020. caeliswords.com Brandon's blog is not only substantial because of his enlightening and thought-provoking articles on philosophy and mental health...But also because of his captivating enlightenment story. Click here https://brandonswisdom.com/home/ to learn from his knowledge-seeking perspective. A short read will [...]