On March 2nd, 1021, in 30 minutes I gave birth to Rory Muller. After 50 hours of induced labor, I was so grateful to have the natural birth I hoped for.

He is a little miracle. Today, he is 11 days old and can start grasping my finger. He is interested in the cat noises and in wonder about the ceiling fan. He stares straight into my soul and I feel a pull of constant attachment to him. I love to watch him sleep and make his dream noises. I love to watch him make 6 different expressions at a time. I love when he falls asleep how he opens his eyes to make sure mamas there. I’ve finally found his favorite way to nap by cuddling him and walking around the house. I think he likes the movement as I was an elliptical gal during pregnancy. Can’t wait to get back at it! Please help me welcome Rory to the new world!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rory

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the world Mr. Rory!
    Motherhood is an absolute delight.
    Mother to a boy takes a strong woman especially if he turns out to be a mini version of you.
    Which my son is.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of mothering.


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