This Pandemic Does Not Define YOU

Were you just as not-so-excited-excited when COVID cases were “down” during the fall and you could go back to work? Are you sitting in your pajamas like me at 3pm on a Monday thinking of excuses like…

“I’m busy…Being Lazy”

“I’m Just WAITING For Inspiration!”

No one wants to get this disease, because no one wants to well…die. If you have been impacted by this virus and feeling forced to stay home like me with a low immune system and a baby on the way…Then you are probably hesitant to feel like you have any energy at all. It’s difficult going from a full-time panic routine of rushing through traffic, spilling coffee on yourself, and trying to be the fastest and best at the job you do. Or, at least, not get in trouble by your boss. Now, you’re in your own environment, without anyone looking over your shoulder. The pressure is off. Isn’t this when we expect to feel better? And yet you are moping around in your pajamas. “If only I had some stress!”, said no one ever. But, in a way, your brain has been trained that the fast life-style equals happiness. Well, corporations have taught us wrong. Have we been missing out on what makes life…Life?

First, let’s recognize that no one just has a rush of motivation like you’re on adderall. “Let’s clean the house, buy 10 dogs and start my own business and then go out for drinks!” That’s a drug for a reason…because it’s not natural. People need to recover, i’m sorry but we aren’t that far into the future where we’ve evolved into robots. Slowing down may feel awkward, ungraceful, uninteresting or drab. But, if you focus on these qualities then of course you will see your refuge of relaxing a mundane burden. Find the motivation from within.

What you want is purpose, that’s why your stress felt “good” because it was for a strong reason. But, so is you staying at home. I’m sorry but not dying sounds pretty good to me. So, we’re going to have to learn to change our mindsets 360 right now. We are going to have to realize the good things. We are safe and we are cherishing ourselves by ensuring that us and our families are protected. I say this is the time when your inner strength comes in and you start to learn who you really are.

Second, this time is hard, give yourself a break. If you can’t work and have been trying to get unemployment to answer the phone without luck…Then you are in the same boat as the rest of us. You can’t force yourself to do something that you are not comfortable doing and yet you feel guilt for not doing those things? Who says you have to be superhuman all the time? Well, no one, because again, that just doesn’t happen. If you want that, just watch batman on repeat and feel good about yourself.

So what qualities CAN you focus on that make you feel powerful? Who are you? What things do you enjoy? What things do you always wish you could do for yourself? Often when we are so rushed in our normal jobs, we put our own well-being on the side. We are taught as kids to work our butts off and anything less deserves a punishment. So, it makes sense where this strange societal guilt kicks in. That guilt can cause you to feel meaningless, as if you just being you is not important. That is why this is the time to take charge of your own mind, your own day and focus on self-care. Yes, relaxing day after day can get mind-numbing. So, get back into your exercise, hobbies and keep blogging again. Keeping your mind busy will help you re-charge, even if you feel like your doing nothing. It’s contradictory, but when your emotions are low and nothing consumes your life, you need something to renew your mind, body or soul. Are you religious? Get back into studying. Did you always want to do a certification? Do that. Do you miss walking your dog or cooking pintrest meals? If all of that still does not seem enough, well…there’s always those awful customer service jobs online 100% COVID Free, because it’s in your house.

So you decide. Where will you take your life. Where will you be when this pandemic is over. What will you take from it. Who will you be?

2 thoughts on “This Pandemic Does Not Define YOU

  1. Some classy photos got my interest in this blog. The best scenario to me would be get the two shots and then mindfully resume one’s life the best they can. Slowing down for me came before COVID so at least I’ve gotten a head start on this transition.


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