Socialist Governments


There was no private property, people ate in common, and children under 18 lived together and not with their parents. Any money earned on the outside was given to the kibbutz, exploited labor and robbery, unemployment, war was the only thing that gave short-term money. “set your people free” and liberalize the economy is what they said. They started doing more loan processing to get business started which failed so many businesses because there was no money to back up the loan and was given freely to anyone. Then they filed for complete bankruptcy of the nation. They were offered 1.5 billion in order to convert back to capitalism. Finally they agreed, but had tons of backlash from the problems they created in the first place. side effects such as social gaps, poverty, and concerns about social justice continue to this day from starting a socialist government. 


For 30 years, restricted imports, stopped investments, protected small companies from becoming large corporations, controlling prices on essential things like steel cement fertilizer medications. Any person who exceeded their capacity for their business would go to jail same goes for trying to improve productivity, jail. poverty line, more war to try and make money more lives killed. Droughts, oil crisis, horrible trade, assassination of leadership that followed through. Then created huge wealth and poverty distinctions for those who followed the rules and became the most wealthy which is why India is known for poor streets and then random mansions along the way. 

United Kingdom

Government all owned property. Stopped productivity and discouraged investments. Wage and benefits demands by organized labor led to continual strikes that paralyzed transportation and production. Public-sector workers went on strike for weeks. Mountains of uncollected rubbish piled high in cities. Bodies remained unburied and rats ran in the streets. the ground troops of industrial conflict who would travel to support workers on strike at another site, were banned and could no longer blockade factories or ports. Strike ballots were made compulsory. The closed shop, which forced workers to join a union to get a job, was outlawed. let’s stick to our guns for protection. the state’s power is reduced and the power of the people enhanced. EVENTUALLY they got a new leader and they decided to make jobs increase productivity increase incentives and recovered the economy back to capitalism. 


deaths of at least 30 million and perhaps as many as 50 million Chinese, and the Cultural Revolution of 1966–76, in which an additional 3 million to 5 million died. Mao left China backward and deeply divided. Then it turned to capitalism with a mix of other ideas all taken into consideration that helped make china the richest and most advanced place in the world. 

It took 58 million people to die for them to reject socialism. So if you say you are socialist, just don’t.

If you are a DEMOCRATIC socialist this involves the mix of capitalism and socialist ideas rather than their laws that is different but you need to do your research because politics and law is dangerous! The word socialist today means something completely different than it really is and you need to be asking the government what they really mean rather than just their ideas.

One thought on “Socialist Governments

  1. You nailed it with this one! I’m so against Socialism! Why should I have to give the money I earned to other people, some of whom are lazy and consider hard work a disease? I really believe that some of these groups like Antifa, in their veil of equality, have one goal in mind, to bring Socialism to our country. I think Socialism comes from a mindset of laziness, jealousy and class envy. The mentality is, “if I can’t have it, no one else should have it.” They’d rather us all be equally poor than to see someone enjoy success and financial freedom.


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