After many unpleasent discussions from my extreme left-wing family, who does not get their facts straight…I mentioned that socialism, which is commonly paired or connected with extreme liberalism exists in my family. Which I mentioned is a dangerous path. One of my sisters said, “oh really now, i’d like to know WHAT SOCIALISM is”. Then my Dad, backed up with attitude, said “YEAH!” and then some random things that he does not understand. So here is my response. Which has left them speechless. 😀 kineticards Viva Capitalism Socialism Revolution Anarchist  Communism Political Anarchy Propaganda La | Home Decor Wall Art Print  Poster: Posters & Prints

Socialism sounds so nice, a utopia where everyone lives on a farm and is kind to each other and helps each other survive and takes care of our needs. That all sounds nice, but has been tried by three nations and failed.

Capitalism takes away our rights. We want to dismantle the system, says people who support socialism. But, there are many flaws that they don’t understand.

Capitalism-innovation and increased wealth encourages people to come up with new ideas to make our society better. But yes you have to work and pay to make it. You have to borrow money to make money and have the opportunity to invest. if you want to make the Covid vaccine, you invest in 200 other vaccines that may work if your one covid vaccine fails and turns half the population into zombies. You’ll have to have lots of backup for when your zombie vaccine fails and will need an immediate plan of action and programs to replace the good you mistakenly tried.

Capitalism is about planning and resources. Plus without this all the other competitive countries will immediately bomb us without our resources and prepared programs all backed up by money.

Socialism is inefficient because workers and managers have no real incentives to cut costs. One joke under Soviet Communism was ‘They pretend to pay us. We pretend to work.’

Employment is often directed by the state. Therefore, the state can provide full employment even if workers are not doing anything particularly essential. Socialism is sometimes associated with Keynesian demand-management – attempts to stimulate the economy in times of slump. Keynes himself was not a socialist. If they are not really doing anything, what will they be doing?

The problem with full on socialism is, “how would you pay for all this stuff?” The state will own and control the main means of production. In some models of socialism, ownership would not be by the government but worker co-operatives. The state will decide not individual parties and organizations.

Socialism does not work because once you let go of all the systems, you are eventually going to just re-create the systems. Because without these, you get totalitarians and anarchy when the people get to decide without structure or plans.

You say it’s all about the individual, well that’s true. naturally asserts the rights of individuals to speak their minds freely, to act as they wish. So there goes our constitutional rights out the window, and it’s now free range. End capitalism goes farther to end all of the bad habits of society.

But, when everyone decides what is bad and good now, there we go to the next world war. Could writers and artists critical of the regime work without fear of political repression and surveillance? Could citizens of the United States rest assure that democratic socialists would follow tradition and peacefully relinquish the reins of the government—an achievement of historical proportions—to a party they deem “capitalistic” if they lose the next election when their goal is to abolish capitalism?

It’s much like protests, they start out for good reason, to change some things that are wrong with the world and end up with violence. Socialist organizations must exist, but in order to progress those ideas there has to be with a level of tax revenue and borrowing you can only sustain through capitalist innovation, competition, efficiency, trade, and growth and rules.

But yes capitalism has free markets which leave some problems, markets can get away with overpaying and abusing their workers. What could be done is monitor capitalism so that Jeff Basos is not allowed to make 13 billion in one day while people starve. Instead create companies that encourage people to work, with benefits so they see a point in being part of society everyone who needs a job can be given, but if you want a great job then you will have to work a while to get there.

No one is handed royalty, and it cannot be demanded, that is why there are so many systems in place to get anything done, to plan, prepare and invest in the future. It does seem ridiculous that those “without skills” cannot work when there are many things that anyone who breathes can do. So idk what you call that, moderation of resources, not complete control.

I think most people will sign off their name onto hard-core socialism and you get dictation. We don’t want to end up like the Soviet Union waiting down the street for a piece of bread.

Just people need to do their research because right now people that claim to be full on socialist will devour our economy and flip it upside down. Full on socialism leads to ever declining economic growth and ever rising unemployment, and that leaves the people out in the streets to total anarchy.

So before you say you are a socialist make sure you know what that means. Socialism seems like it’s all for liberty and free-range of rights. Well of course we’d all jump on that horse if it were to work.

Most millennial’s are jumping on this because they hear wall street is bad, the money hungry are greedy and just want to take from us. We want freedom! Well it’s much more complicated than that. Living under socialism takes away private property and the centralization of the means of production and decision-making.

Destroy the rules and you get angry mobs. Then, there’s no turning back.

2 thoughts on “Socialism

  1. Socialism seems to work fairly well in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.I suggest America should study more what works for them and model their success.


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