The Weird & Saucy Quiche

Not my Quiche

No more 1/4 cup of anything! Just put it in a bowl and taste it! If I were a chef every meal would be different. My menu would have titles-Steak, Chocolate Moose, Burger, but every time I make it something would be different about it. My future resturaunt would be called NO PICKY EATERS DINER. Order at your own risk, not even the chef knows what they will make you today. I think that would be an experience type of home-cooking, but if you don’t like certain things then you can’t come or I guess you can request no this or that but then that would be besides the point. So check out my first recipe in the no picky eaters diner the Weird & Saucy Quice. #cooking #cookingathome #homecooking #cookingtips #recipes #recipeoftheday


Why do you put sugar in the sauce? “It’s for the kids!”

*Note The above photos are definitely not my cooking, just to remind you this article is about a quiche*

Watched Auntie Fee’s Dumb Good Mac and Cheese Video on Youtube. Won’t share here because she’s quite the swearer, but it’s refreshing to see someone not cooking by 1/4 cup here, and 1,000 dollars worth or crazy ingredient. That’s my kind of cooking.

Making what I call the Weird & Saucy Keish. I just put a bunch of stuff in there.


If you’d like to make the Weird & Saucy Keish here is what I did:

1: Made dough by hand, couldn’t find anything to roll the dough so used a spatula to smack it. How do you make dough? Flour, water, oil butter and eggs if you must. But, I used all the eggs on the quiche so it’s just flour crust.


2: Cut up some peppers, they don’t need to be perfect this is not top chef


3: Add into a lot of eggs, depending on how much you’re making. Who needs to waste their money on a whisk when i hope you have at least one fork?


4: Add something from a bag in it (I found a mashed potato in a bag from the store that I haven’t used and put that in there, or I thought about using a bag of instant rice)


5: Layer the egg goup with cheese peppers and TATER TOTS! I didn’t make the tots i just found them in my freezer.


6: Find some meat and layer that on the top, I had bacon in the freezer so thawed from the microwave and put on top


7: Make a dough for the cover and make fork marks or don’t if that’s too much work for you this was the most time consuming part, so if I were to make this again SCRATCH THE DOUGH! God my back hurts from making that dough.


8: Put in oven on 350 for…2 hours? And hope it doesn’t explode?



Stay tuned for the result!


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