Listen With Your Heart…And You’ll Hear More

#music #singing #practice #voice #vocals #guitar #songwriterClick the link to view my song creation and video making! It’s my first time coming out of my voice and it really means alot to me!
This is my first song, which I call a practice song for my voice.
I started taking my own voice lessons again with videos that I remember from voice lessons as a kid to remind me. I did not practice this song more than twice before I sang it and can hear a few tweaks. But, I was really proud of my accomplishment. I have never been a brave singer.
I found a program online that is free where you can basically have an entire expensive studio just on the computer and I have a great mic that I used before when I was practicing with Dad. This is his song Listen With Your Heart and I made my own version of it on top. So I did the recording and vocal practicing yesterday and today I used an old video program online to make the video to go along.
I noticed people will watch my songs more when I have some random nice pictures to go along with it. Enjoy and have a good day! Also if you have any tips on not how to die in the heat please let me know this is my distraction!

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