Where Is Compromise?

Relationship HELP!
My BF always listens to THE SAME album turned on my music he said put on headphones did a few times
put on my music tonight he said put on headphones I said YOU put on headphones He said no So I guess he’d rather have me in the other room than wear headphones #RelationshipAdvice

4 thoughts on “Where Is Compromise?

  1. I’m guessing that having you move to the other room is not what he wants, just that he seems to think his music is the only thing that should be listened to! But if two people have to occupy the same space, it means negotiating so that both people are happy. It’s the fair thing to do.

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  2. My ex-husband used to do this. We always had to listen to what he wanted to listen to. The music he liked was fine – ’80s pop – but I prefer more variety. I think one of the final nails in the coffin of our relationship came one day when he was at work, so I put on some of my music. Guns n’ Roses was playing when he got home, and he walked straight from the front door to the stereo and turned it off – didn’t even stop to take off his shoes or jacket. We limped along for a few more years, but it was a lost cause.

    I hope you and your BF fare better. 🙂


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