Step Into The Light COVID2020

Covid2020 has been on our minds and News Channels 24/7. Take a break before you really do turn into the 2020 zombie. Also, I don’t follow one train of thought while writing, but I’m not submitting for a Nobel Peace Prize, Am I? XD If so, let me know #covid19 #covid2020 #rambling #ramble #writers #writingcommunity #writinglife #writersunite
There’s the debate that 50% of parents want to bring their kids back to school because
1)Value Education
2)Early Age is Prime For Development
3)People Need Income
1) Of course we value education, but I’m sorry but your child’s life is more important than education. The bottom line is children can’t learn if THEY DIE. Hmm, is that logic, or me just being a little COOKY again?
2) The thing is yes, when children are a certain age, they need that special attention for their development and all children need the interaction with other children to learn social skills. But, I’m sorry, if were all going to die from a few kids having to go to therapy later on in life then you are too bored and can’t handle sitting around anymore.
Also, there is this funny little thing called THE INTERNET. You can make a classroom just as big with the right creative resources and family involvement. Yeah, it’s not going to be perfect. But, still 6 feet apart, children are going to break the rules constantly and even them touching anything without changing gloves every time they touch something could be the problem! So, no…partial school will not work unless we have a HUGE stadium for the children, a huge projector and microphone and every student brings their own things. Still no social interaction but more of a warehouse learning where the parents can go back to work.
3) You’re trying to tell me Trump can’t make a donation to the goodness of the world and maybe sell one of his luxury homes?
Where’s all that tax money the rich have been hoarding for centuries? Can we stop building malls and build the community? The system is messed up and I don’t have an answer for homelessness. I don’t have an answer for if the vaccine will turn you into a zombie, which is obviously a joke, get the vaccine if you have COVID, or planning to step into the sunlight in the near future.
Just keep watching the news if you can still afford cable? But if you’re watching the news, remember there’s an opinion, it’s not all facts. So, listen decisively and keep it to yourself if others don’t want to hear it. No sense in upsetting the earth further I say. Know when to rock the boat and stay seated.
I’m not some Einstein genius, but also some of the people who say they are the smartest lack certain types of intelligence because we all do, we don’t have 100% on every scale. Also, not everyone is good at apologizing either.
That’s what I’m talking about we need to switch the government from politics is money to no competition and do what the majority of people overall actually want. You know I’m right and if you don’t good day.
Also know that Facebook is a family and partial opinion platform, but if you want to keep it real, switch it to Twitter. If you want to keep it emotional, switch to WordPress. If you want to just look cute, go to Instagram. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PLATFORMS. I don’t have time for all this, meaning I don’t want to make the time to obsess over other people’s lives…Just maybe on the weekends. 🙂

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