The Cat Life For Me

The life for me

Is bein a cat

Just chippin away

at the yummy kitty snacks

Findin a bug

And swingin it around

No rent to pay

No cat down frown

That’s the life for me

The life of a cat

Is silly as can be

Swattin my tail

And feelin

the no pants breeze

Takin a nap

And chasin a cat

Now it’s time for a little cat nap

Meow meow meow

I love to be a cat

As small as a jellybean

Sittin in a hat

Why do the birds

Keep singing songs to me

I just want to cuddle them

Until they cannot breathe

Don’t you know that

I’m saving your little life

By jumping around

And crashing your vase and pipe

I only speak the language

Of the meow meow meow

And please give me chicken

Or I’ll steal your hot dog

Why do you give me

This sloshy cat meat oatmeal

I was made for a Queen

To break her favorite seal

I’m a cat

That’s the life



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