Scars: Audio Poetry

Hi poets and creatives, I have been connecting with other creatives online this morning and met. This is their Audio Poetry: Scars. Check it out and encourage to get back into it! Said has not been doing it for awhile! Remind how good poetry is for the soul blogger peeps. This poem is a personal [...]


‪Leave the what if’s behind‬‪We’re laying in our beds‬‪Like we always wanted‬‪We’re not rich‬‪But at least we’re not dead‬‪Be thankful for one lamp‬‪It shines the light on your anxiety‬‪Reminding you ‬‪You have time ‬‪#poem #poetry ‬

Advantage Point: World On My Shoulders

My friend just started his blog, Advantage Point, Bringing big picture focus to everyday issues He just wrote his first article World On My Shoulders. Click Here= World On My Shoulders It is hard to write about your own experience, I know it is hard for me. So, please send him some good vibes on [...]

Even Though The World is Shit, I Completely and Fully Accept Myself

The only love I wish to have is the one of myself. Loving yourself is a discovery that can lead you to new knowledge that you never considered before. You may think that you do everything to really think about you, but are you always doing those things for yourself or to please others?   [...]

Christianity Qualms 2: Christianity is Weird

All of these words come from religion for humans to be able to understand the greater question of how does our life work, who is there for us, what is the universe about, where do we go when we die, why do we think and live certain ways. Fundamental Christians say that experiences and intellectual [...]

Rethink the Term Mistake

I know how to study, but I never received life lessons on the most important part of learning...focus...and recovering from mistakes..and how to go about the word mistake. So I am doing a little research for you and myself today. Then we might start to feel like we are taking back control over our life [...]