Measure Your Life In Love Poem Video

Measure Your Life in Love


Am I beautiful yet?

Are these stretch marks trending

But they say it’s all about the skin

I stop watching commercials

Why is youth loved and age judged for a grey hair

Why do we believe what strangers tell us

When we are the ones with the mirror

Who are dying for beauty


Am I beautiful today?

I didn’t brush my hair because I don’t feel like it

Does that mean I’m going to Hell?

Now I see depression

And a grey face of wanting


I asked a friend to encourage me

She said put on makeup and you will feel beautiful

I don’t want to FEEL beautiful

I don’t want to change who I am

I want to be myself

I want others to see my beauty


But, It’s a contest

The more I push

The more I ask

The more I give away



At last

I am dying for beauty


I want to be honey

Sweet nectar

That is the body of a vampire

Seducing the innocent

Taking the life of the young

Yet I want inconsequential maple syrup

Dripping down my lips

Until every cell and atom in my body

Intertwines into an energy that you cannot deny


I want everyone to want me

Because somedays I don’t want myself

I don’t want eternal life

I want acceptance

I want to go against the grain and say

I will eat a bowl of oatmeal even though you say that is too much carbs


Don’t eat carbs

Starve yourself


Exercise more

Eat less

Eat more or you are starving your body

Workout more until you feel the pain

Get less sleep so you can burn the calories

Get more sleep to recover

Pick up weights but don’t break your back

Grow 8 arms and tentacles and rule the world


Stop making impossibility the desire

It makes my stomach sick

Thinking of the water I didn’t drink

And the stomach acid that she threw up

Looking at her small frame

Wanting a corset

To be like victoria


The secret is

to desire happiness

To value the beauty of the person

Not a number that the scale says

I ate one donut and now I’m 500 pounds?!

The scale is broken again

And so are your standards


The only person

That defines you

Is you


If you want to loose your hair over a few pounds

You’ll end up back at the problem

There never was a problem

The solution is to be still

And find yourself again


Be kind to yourself

Because you can get get get and take love from others

But until you see your worth

You will die young

A beauty

Lost in a world

Of ugly voices


This is why I wear T-shirts and jeans

This is why I take my time

This is why I yell when they put us down

Not because I’m a liberal jerk

But because my cat is fat and happy

And still runs as much as I do




Repetitive Thoughts



To Stop

Killing Us All


A little girl died today

Because in skin and bone

She didn’t want to see her face again

That little girl

Was your daughter


Stop This Pain

Start The War On Peace

Beauty of the Brain

The spirit is inside us all

Bring that little girl back to life

Give her strength again

And eat a fucking piece of chocolate once in awhile

Or else why is it even worth it?


Measure your life in the love you give to your soul


-Caeli McKamey



11 thoughts on “Measure Your Life In Love Poem Video

  1. Wow. Just wow. This is amazing, especially the last line lol;)
    In this generation where everyone is either caring about skin or looks of the body, why can’t we just look at beauty from within… It’s not that hard.
    Lovely post!❤️ Have a nice day!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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