Know & Write Your Worth

I am empowered by standing up for myself and others who do not respect freelancers. A message that I just sent to a “President” of an advertising company. Hi, after much confusion on what kind of organization you are running, I had a 40 year University English Professor review my writing. Just wanted to give you a heads-up that when I “bought” the course all of a sudden my writing required too much editing. Marketing is meant to encourage and enlighten the readers. Here is the professional’s review of my writing. I urge you to tread lightly with who you hire and how fast the “trial run” is until they buy the corse and require “too much editing”. This is the professionals review below. If you do not believe me, I can connect you with my LinkedIn professionals and they can explain to you further. In addition, I urge you to stop telling your “employees” they will get a “bonus” when you promise a refund in the first place.

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I just read your second piece regarding “Smart Foundation Systems.” Allow me to speak honestly, without overtly aggrandizing your work: If I were a Company President I would absolutely rush to take advantage of your stupendous advertising skill. After reading this I felt a rah-rah moment of wanting to buy what this company was selling on the strength of your convictions. The wonderful use of phrases like: “keeping a home alive lets the snooze button hit dismiss,” or “You don’t want to get stuck in debt with a basement that scares the cockroaches away,” or, “You may be able to hide under the covers from a flood, but your basement can’t,” are absolutely marvelous monikers that radiate your creativity. Caeli, you are a very talented and very convincing advertising Writer!!

This is the reviewers Bio:

You can find him on LinkedIn here,

He earned a

  • Degree in English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh,
  • pioneered corporate advertising in Pittsburgh,
  • served as Director of Communication for Pennsylvania’s state government,
  • served as

    Director of advertising of the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center

  • wrote stories for Paramount Studios in Hollywood,
  • Earned a Phd in screenplay and novel writing at UCLA,
  • honored by the American Library Association for the best written novel,
  • earned a nomination for a national Emmy Award for writing and acting,
  • taught screenplay writing for Baldwin Wallace University,
  • written and published 17 books.




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