Scars: Audio Poetry


Hi poets and creatives,

I have been connecting with other creatives online this morning and met. This is their Audio Poetry: Scars. Check it out and encourage to get back into it! Said has not been doing it for awhile! Remind how good poetry is for the soul blogger peeps.

This poem is a personal one about the woman’s body and feeling exposed even around your loved ones. I definately feel this.  I am just now feeling ok to wear short shorts but take it easy with that out in public. Confidence is a long journey so thank you for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Scars: Audio Poetry

  1. Oh please tell her to keep writing. There is so much power and beauty in those words. And I think it is widely relatable, at least the idea of not being able to be completely oneself around those that it should be the easiest with. ❤️

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