Advantage Point: World On My Shoulders

My friend just started his blog,

Advantage Point,

Bringing big picture focus to everyday issues


He just wrote his first article

World On My Shoulders. Click Here= World On My Shoulders

It is hard to write about your own experience, I know it is hard for me. So, please send him some good vibes on his post here,

Earth illustration

World On My Shoulders

                Some great quotes from his first article. 

I went with my grandmother to a psychic fair and a psychic did a reading for me, called me a star child and said my ancestors told her I need Effexor.

It’s a piece on his history with his mental health and a “let it out explanation” article like most of mine are. Somehow he is good at saying it nicely though, as to not be too in your face. Something that takes me a few read through when I really am in a flow.

We’re all unique beautiful creatures and we’re all ultimately the same. We are fields of awareness experiencing the fullness of life.

World On My Shoulders

Did you fucking click it yet?

Thanks 🙂

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