Even Though The World is Shit, I Completely and Fully Accept Myself

love yourself

The only love I wish to have is the one of myself. Loving yourself is a discovery that can lead you to new knowledge that you never considered before. You may think that you do everything to really think about you, but are you always doing those things for yourself or to please others?


Even if somehow you figure out how to not ever help one person, you still may be leading a self conscious life because you fear that others might judge you. Well, if they do…That means that they are the ones with a screwed perspective because no matter how you lead your life, there should be a universal code of respect that all members of society must abide by.

To show others kindness you must start by being kind to yourself. To do that take a silent moment and begin writing about who you are. If you can’t find the words, explore the things you enjoy. Or, explore things that others enjoy to find your passion. Passionate people make dedicated career oriented individuals.


Take care of yourself inside and out, to your mind and your body and you will start to see changes every day. If you say oh I just can’t today, remember why you did before. Recall the things that brought you joy in the past and find ways to make that interest a possibility for the now. There is always a chance for you. Find what makes you your own type of favorite person. Then you will make it through any situation and be able to bring the same gleam to others as well. Inspiration shows others where to start.


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