My Voice My Own

Note to writers: DO NOT USE UPWORK. I’ve been played enough times. I worked my butt off and had my partner who has a degree in English writing review my work after I had to convince someone to reimburse me as they called this my “bonus”. We all know what that means. I had to ask more. I had an English professor review my writing. Thank you Dewey Chester for validating me that is all I needed. This was what he said about my writing.
“I just read about social surveillance and found it explosive in presentation. You offered me a window i didn’t know existed. Your writing is superb. You surprised me. Now, i must get on with reading your next document.” Chew on that for your lunch today. Professional blogging is what I will do for myself. My own blog is already very popular. I’ll keep talking with other genuine writers and continue my path. My voice is my own. Also I don’t like marketers. Agreed?

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