Christianity Qualms 2: Christianity is Weird

christianity-is-weirdAll of these words come from religion for humans to be able to understand the greater question of how does our life work, who is there for us, what is the universe about, where do we go when we die, why do we think and live certain ways.

Fundamental Christians say that experiences and intellectual discussions are not true because they are not from the bible, because they do not sign their name to Jesus and the Bible as your complete way of life. But, if you believe in God, but realize that there is more to life than just only Jesus and a Bible that was written from humans with their interpretation of God…Then they bring up the point…Well, how are you the judged of what is God, God only knows, so don’t play God. To that I say, I know who God is but I also believe that God is part of our souls…that is what the soul is .If you ever have meditated and expanded your mind to other ideas about what God is…Then all of a sudden you are not a Christian. And on top of that, you are going to Hell. Because somehow you don’t completely believe in Jesus Christ as your one and only savior, and you don’t go knocking on people’s doors, bothering them about what scripture they read this week. Good for you if that is your life’s message, keep going Mormons.


I’ve gone to bible study since I was little, and growing up I started going to many different churches, trying to understand what I believe God to be. I think that if you believe there is more to life, and your strive to get to “enlightenment’ and apologize when you’ve done wrong, and always seek to be a better person, then you have the possibility of going to heaven.


Shouldn’t there be a limbo state where you can burn with Satan and be tortured for eternity, but while you are down there God continues to try to save your soul and bring you to heaven, no matter your religion? But, you shouldn’t have to tell Satan yes I believe in the Bible and that is what brings you to heaven. The Mediocre Medium Place.



We have a brain because we have choice, like the choice of us going to eat the apple and going to hell or staying in heaven. So, we opened Pandora’s box and now live on earth with the choice to do good or bad.


And the Christians and pastors that say well that is not what a Christian is…Well, then why is the Bible still in use with the facts and understandings of the past history of people that do not describe us today?

I feel like God IS a loving God and it IS a good God.


But, the Bible has alot of things that don’t make a lot of sense. Then Christians say well you’re not God, so you don’t know. This drawing was great but of curse I don’t consider the bible lovers cowards, just easily persuadable.


Isn’t the point of religion to expand our awareness and get deeper into our personal expansion of the spirit? I’m sure God is smiling right now at the fact that I am writing this article, and questioning it. It means God’s name gets more put out there in the world, I’m sure he like the extra promotion and my humor.


I’m not saying I have all the answers, but that does not mean that all of a sudden my argument is invalid.




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