Professional Blogging: Benefits of Basement Waterproofing and How It is Done


Smart Foundations Kansas City is the smart way to do basement waterproofing to save you time and money.
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Author, Caeli McKamey…ME XD. This is my first article which will be Professionally edited in the next week. Once that happens, I will send you all the finished link! Not necessarily the most fancy or interesting article like I normally like and not anything like my poetry. But, this is more of my academic side. And I get paid for it. 

Smart Foundations Kansas City, has a lot of information on the value of home repairs. Summer is coming up which means allergies, asthma, and most toxic of all…summer floods! Water damage welcomes foul pests into your home and can devastate your storage shelves. Waterproofing your basement will ensure that floods will not take over your home! In Kansas City, The Great Flood of 2020 is inevitable. Recognized as the muggy wet climate that it is, in Missouri, there are high chances of water damage to your precious Kansas residence.


Take back your home and run-out those unwelcome and rancid dinner guests which have claimed your garage as their gutter…The rats! Waterproof your home today to ensure that water damage will not consume your treasured childhood heirlooms!


Benefits of Basement Waterproofing


The bandits of your basement are not only the rats…but the multitudes of bothersome odors, spots, and damages that will make you wish you lived in the gutter! Waterproofing your basement is essential in order to save you thousands of dollars on lengthy DIY renovations…You don’t want to get stuck in debt with a basement that scares even the cockroaches away!


When inspecting, here are a few things to look for. Discoloration and cracks may seem merely cosmetic but can destroy your home. Untreated, water deteriorates drywall, plaster, wood, and other basement structures. You may be able to hide under the covers from a flood, but your basement can’t! When a flood or rain overflow streams on by, leaks seep into your basement bursting through those cracked pipes. Temporary bandages over a ruptured pipe are exactly that, temporary. Duct tape only runs your shower for a few days. Then, it’s time to call these guys (816) 666-8415. Email, 


But, wait…there’s more…Unfortunately. 


The undesirable brown rust stains on your walls and floors mean that water is gnawing away at your metal. More money down the drain. Rotted floor joists, sagging floors, and collapsed ceilings mean wooden structures have built a fungi garden in your garage. Not your next band name. Like these mushroom kingdoms, mold thrives in damp, warm, and dark places. After multiple and expensive repairs, the musty odor still lingers…Nose plugs, please. 


Chipped concrete? Pick up the phone now…You’ve got a downstairs crisis. Concrete holds massive amounts of water, but when soaked, the walls actually move. “Was that an earthquake?” No that’s the concrete crumbling beneath your feet. Think you can dry it out with a dehumidifier? Think again. Sitting water has toxic bacteria which can make you sick and cause respiratory problems in addition to other health issues like allergies, irritation to the throat, eyes, nose, skin, and asthma. 


Water damage lowers the value of your home, ruins your electrical system, and increases your electrical bill leaving you with high energy costs! Ready to waterproof your basement yet? Yeah, so am I…And I don’t even have a home yet. 


How Basement Waterproofing Is Done


Basement waterproofing is the leak proof method for your home. A waterproof warrantee comes with Smart Systems waterproofing. For your interior and exterior basement waterproofing needs. It is just home health.


The Leak Proof Method


For your basic cracks and leaks, the interior sealant technique prevents each and every pinch of moisture from absorbing into walls, floors, and other parts of the basement. It blocks the passage of fluids through the fracture, split, or hole so that things like pipes won’t leak anymore. It seals off the crack like a bandaid. 


Waterproofed Warrantee


Smart Foundations Systems can do this for you and many of the other headaches that come from water damage taking over part of your life. Smart Foundations knows that homes changes are critical to every household. Therefore, looking at the problem, pinpointing the solution, and giving the price is the action that will stop leaks from distressing you. In bonus, this waterproof warranty comes with the crack so you can feel safe from a flood in your basement ruining your home. 


Interior Basement Waterproofing


Dry smart, with the Smart-Dry System; unquestionably effective. This interior drain tile system scrapes and uncovers the sealing of the outer basement foundation in order to waterproof the inside. It seems a bit backward but it waterproofs the interior basement. It moves the water from the footer of the foundation down below the basement floor, so that groundwater won’t seep into the walls. Draining will ensure the inside stays dry in Minnesota’s extreme climate shifts. Installation only takes a day or two. Ensure leaking stops and install today!


Exterior Foundation Waterproofing


Exterior foundation waterproofing is most often used during the initial construction of a home. If this service is required on an existing home, performing this can clog drains, so (not recommended on existing homes). Smart Foundation Systems calls this The Drain-Plus™ System.


For Any Waterproofing Needs


Designing proper drainage systems like this, the use of backfilling with large gravel ensures that this will be protected. When pressure cracks over, under, or through your walls, penetrations, and cracks…water goes through as well, flooding window wells. This means that your walls will need to be pushed back into place. To do that, excavation of the entire exterior of the wall must be done. Having to install a new hard pipe drainage system and wrapping the system in a dirt-filtering fabric, drainage or cracks will never be a possibility. Often called, the “catch-all” system for exterior waterproofing needs. 


It’s Home Health


Home health protects families by making sure that home revamps will stop the deterioration of the basement. Impermeable systems keep water out because developments will drain it with smart devices. No one wants a basement that looks, feels, and smells like an ominous cellar. Keeping a home alive lets the snooze button hit dismiss. There is knowledge that there are smart ways to look out for the signs, symptoms, and solutions of all the dilemmas that come from searching for the perfect home, and constructing it.


Get a FREE Quote Today!


Without waterproofing basements, they slowly invite sickness into the home and your health. Smart Foundation Systems is the smart way to get the right kind of help for your water damage restorations and foundations. Get the smart kind of help. If you ever wondered why people entrust in construction companies, now you know who will look out for the well being of the home and the members in it. Get a FREE quote today,



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